Toxic Orange 2011 Challenger SRT8 6.4L HEMI Auto



SOLD – 2011 Toxic Orange Challenger SRT8 6.4L HEMI Auto – SOLD


toxic orange challenger


Cleveland Power and Performance is proud to present this rebuilt 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT-8! This rare “Toxic Orange” Challenger is fully loaded with all of the features that you would expect from the SRT line. This Challenger has only 30K miles on it! This is your chance to save thousands on a rare edition Challenger SRT8!


There were only 668 2011 SRT Toxic Orange edition Challengers produced. 311 of them were equipped with a manual trans and 357 were auto. This 1 of only 357 produced Challenger is highly sought after!


We purchased this Challenger after it was involved in a front end collision. We also purchased a donor Challenger SRT with a good front end to replace the damage parts. All replacement body panels were professionally painted to color match.


This Challenger now carries a fully insurable rebuilt salvage title that can be transferred to any US state.


The car runs, drives, starts, and stops like it should. There are no active warning lights on the cluster and we have put over 500 test miles on it since it has been repaired. The vehicle has also been professionally aligned.

 photo allignment_1.jpg






This 2011 Challenger SRT features the awesome 6.4L “392” HEMI engine which produces 470HP and 470ft-lbs of torque! This engine features custom pained “Toxic Orange” valve covers! Mated to the 6.4L, putting the power to the wheels, is the stout W5A580 5-speed automatic transmission.


This Challenger is optioned out with all of the performance and luxury components that you expect from the SRT line. All four corners of the car feature Brembo brakes. This Challenger is equipped with driver’s power and passenger manual black leather and suede seats that have orange accents only found in the Toxic Orange model. Both front seats are also heated. This Challenger also features a navigation unit with internal hard drive, hands free calling, Kicker audio system with sub woofer in the trunk, remote start, and much more.


This Challenger also has cat-back Borla exhaust system, which gives this vehicle a nice tone. Here is a video highlighting the exhaust sound.



 photo DSCN7422.jpg
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