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Cleveland Power & Performance is proud to offer E-Bay’s FIRST AND ONLY COMPLETE Pontiac GTO LS1 lit rear bumper wall art decor!

Cleveland Power & Performance is proud to offer E-Bay’s FIRST AND ONLY COMPLETE Pontiac GTO LS1 lit rear bumper wall art decor! We have gotten HUNDREDS of requests for advanced features on these bumpers, and after selling out completely we now have a new supplier that has added many requested features!

Want to make your garage (or any other flat surface) REALLY stand out? With Cleveland Power & Performance’s Pontiac GTO rear bumper wall art, you will receive:

  • 2004 Pontiac GTO OEM Black Rear Bumper Assembly – Trimmed and Cut to sit flush against your wall!
    • 2x OEM Pontiac GTO Brake Lights w/ Quarter Panel Cuts
    • OEM Pontiac GTO Spoiler & Third Brake Light w/ Trunk Lid Cut
    • OEM Pontiac GTO Exhaust Tips
    • License Plate Light Housings
    • Custom Plug in Wiring Harness with AC/DC Converter
    • Custom Wireless Power Control and Dimmable Key Fob
    • High brightness, Low Draw LED Lights In All Locations
    • Custom Made Aluminum Bracket to Mount On Wall
    • Black Molding Trim to Protect Wall From Sharp Edges

We’ve sold a bunch of these for Corvettes, but we are the first and ONLY seller to offer these for your Pontiac GTO! We include EVERYTHING you need to install a complete, safe, excellent looking bumper wall art decor, with all your bases covered!
This would be great wall art hanging high in a garage! We start by trimming the back sides of the bumper to sit flush against the wall surface. This allows the bumper to sit properly on the wall, and not bow out, and look flush like you see in the pictures. We take the guess work out of how to get a rounded rear bumper to sit flush against your wall!

Next, we remove all the factory bulbs and wiring, and install a custom harness. The harness contains an AC/DC converter that plugs into any standard wall socket. This harness also contains a wireless converter and module with a key fob that allows you to turn the bumper on and off remotely. It also allows you to brighten or dim the lights to your exact tastes. Please note that the reverse lights are not lit.

We replace all the bulbs with low draw, high powered LEDs. This serves two purposes. First, these custom LEDs will draw 10mA (0.010A) to 25mA (0.025A) when powered on. The standard halogen bulbs installed in this bumper draw typically over ONE HUNDRED TIMES more electricity to produce a less intense light. To put this into perspective, LEDs drawing 25mA (0.025A) could run 24/7 for a month before having a noticeable affect upon a single 12V automotive battery. This translates to little to no electricity to run when powered on, as opposed to high cost halogen bulbs. The second purpose they serve is little to no heat generated when left on for hours.

Using standard OEM halogen bulbs in a bumper like this on your wall would cause the housings to melt after only a few hours, risking a garage fire. We have left the LEDs powered on for weeks here at the shop, with nearly zero heat generated.
Finally, we include a custom made aluminum bracket that mounts to the OEM holes on the top of the bumper with machine screws, and installs to any wall with 2 to 4 screws, drilled through where you need them.

This is the ONLY complete kit available in existence, and would make a great addition to any garage or other area.

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