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Corvette C6 Donor Vs 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z51 Run & Drive Donor Go Kart / Chassis!

Cleveland Power & Performance is proud to offer the world’s first 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 Z51 Run & Drive Donor Go Kart / Chassis! Check out more pictures and information, or to buy here:


We’ve sold hundreds of C6 Corvette donor cars over the years, and if you are considering one for your next project, you’ll be surprised and pleased to read all the improvements the 7th generation Corvette has over the 6th, for only a slight increase in price.


Starting with the driveline, the 6.2L LT1 V8 engine is a beast, delivering 460 horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque utilizing several advanced technologies, including direct injection, Active Fuel Management and continuously variable valve timing to support an advanced combustion system. The Corvette’s LT1 engine features a structural aluminum six-quart oil pan, and included with our Donor Go Kart, a dry-sump oiling system with a 10.5-quart capacity is included as well.


Other features include an ELECTRIC power steering, which frees up performance and fuel efficiency, oil-spray piston cooling, “four-into-one” short-header exhaust manifold design, and of course, an all aluminum cylinder block.


On the interior, the new leather wrapped seats are styled expertly, very sporty, feel great, and even the passenger received attention as there is a grab handle on the center console. The infotainment navigation system is integrated with all digital speedometer display screen, which can be customized to your liking. Most all surfaces are leather wrapped, and the advanced heads up display shows plenty of data to keep your eyes on the road.


The suspension has been reworked as well. Everything is made of aluminum, including the frame that the upper control arm and shock absorber are bolted into with tie bars. The magnetorheological dampers have an adaptive control system that makes damping adjustments every 10 milliseconds. New to the C7 are adjustable high controls. Twirl all four and you can lower the car. 13.6-inch Ventilated front brake rotors have cooling tricks of their own in the form of surface slots and a spoked hub/rotor interface that looks like a two-piece design, but isn’t. The front calipers are four-piston Brembo units.


If you’re looking for something truly rare, unique, and utilizing the latest technology, then look no further than a Cleveland Power & Performance Running Driving Stingray Corvette Donor Car. It includes everything you need to put into your custom application without getting Nickle and Dimed down the road!



2005-2013 Corvette C6 Navigation Radio Conversion Upgrade from CD Player To OEM Factory Navigation!

This guide will so you how easy to is to add an OEM C6 Corvette Bose Navigation assembly to your non-navigation equipped car.

Did you buy a C6 new without nav, and wish you had added it? Or do you have a pre-owned Corvette, and want to an OEM Navigation? It’s simpler than you think! So long as your car is equipped with an OEM Radio and the Bose speaker system, read on!

We sell the kit you need to upgrade, which includes the navigation unit, satellite & XM antennas, modules, and navigation disc.

You do need to make sure that you buy the right setup for your application. From what we’ve found:

A 2005 Navigation Unit MUST go back into a 2005 Vehicle.
A 2006 – 2008 Navigation Unit MUST go back into a 2006 – 2008 Vehicle.
A 2009 Navigation Unit MUST go back into a 2009 Vehicle.
A 2010 Navigation Unit MUST go back into a 2010 Vehicle.A 2011 – 2013 Navigation Unit MUST go back into a 2011 – 2013 Vehicle.

Please note that this is a simple plug and play swap, but you must have the Bose system in order to add this feature due to the wiring harness requirements. The voice command features and functions will not work if you don’t have OnStar. The microphone can be added to use this feature. The parts necessary to do so and the template can be obtained by us.

Here are some pictures of the upgrade:

Give us a call at 866-236-5031! We have plenty of C6 Corvette’s with tested, functional navigation units from all years available for purchase! We also fully test and video all the functions of the navigation unit prior to selling.

2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild

Follow this blog to see our 2013 Corvette Grand Sport, that was involved in a light fresh water flood, be fully rebuilt and inspected by the sate of Ohio to eventually be offered for sale.

We received this Grand Sport Corvette after it had been involved in a light fresh water flood. As stated this was a fresh water flood, and the water line was very low and did did not raise higher than a few inches off of the floor pans of the car. We here at Cleveland Power and Performance do not rebuild many flood vehicles, but if they are cars that deserve a second chance on the road we will fix them, and fix them the RIGHT way.

Here are a few photos showing this Grand Sport as we received it.

As you can see from the pictures, the exterior of this car is in excellent shape and it is painted the beautiful “Berlin Blue Metallic”.

As with any flood car that we receive, we rack the car on a lift to drain the fluids to inspect for any water contamination. The engine oil, trans fluid, and differential fluid all showed clean, clear and free of water. The car was then filled with new fresh fluids.

There are some misconceptions when it comes to floods, but if the car is repaired properly a flood car can be rebuilt and driven for countless enjoyable miles. The rebuild process is also much easier when the vehicle is was a fresh water flood as opposed to a salt water flood. A heavy saltwater flood car can be a nightmare. The saltwater can wreak absolute havoc on the electronics of a vehicle. Here is the interior of our fresh water flood next to a picture of a saltwater flooded Vette showing the difference.

Luckily for us and the car, the water level was very low and did not rise above the seat tracks. That means the there was no water contamination in any of the drive line or drive train. Check out this photo showing that the water line was very low, and that the water did not even make it half way up the tunnel.

corvette grand sport



Here are some pictures showing the interior and underhood the Corvette as we received it. As you can see, the interior did not suffer any major water damage, nor did the engine compartment.


Once we got the Corvette inside the shop and drained all of the fluids, it was time to remove the interior. This allows us to really access any damage caused by the water entering the car and to see what parts were reusable. Unlike some shops, we will strip a flood car down to the bare floor pans to make sure she will be as dry as a bone, after a through disinfection and cleaning of course. Here are some shots of the interior removed from the Vette.

We laid the interior out to allow it to dry completely and continued stripping the car. We now had a chance to see what parts needed to be replaced. The only parts that we were not comfortable reinstalling in this car were the seat motors, front carpet sections and factory radio amplifier. All were swapped out from a non flooded donor Corvette. We also purchased new seat belt pre-tensioners as a safety precaution as the originals get wet in the flood. Here is the interior out and drying.

grand sport interior

After stripping the interior, the body harness was removed in order to be soda blasted to insure that it was thoroughly cleaned and that all water was removed. We also used disinfectant cleaner to scrub and clean the floor pans eliminating the chance of any foul smell occurring.


With the interior out, we had the opportunity to replace the seat motors, source a clean carpet and thoroughly clean the body harness. After the floor pan area was nice and dry, it was time for the interior to go back in the vehicle.

The harness, dash components, and carpet were the first parts to be reinstalled in the Vette. Next came the door panels and seats. Everything that went back into this Corvette was extremely clean, and retested for full functionality. This car received just about the most through detailing that a car could get. Here are some shots of the car with the interior fully installed.

This Corvette is now fully reassembled and has had several hundred test miles put on it. She is running like a top and ZERO issues has popped up since she has been buttoned up. She will be offered for sale shortly. Here are some photos showing the finished product of this 2013 C6 Grand Sport fresh water flood full rebuild


We here at Cleveland Power and Performance insist of fixing our vehicles the PROPER way and offering any potential customer a slew of pictures and info on the rebuild process. We have built our reputation on being honest and providing an excellent product.

If you have any questions about this vehicle, or any other vehicle, please do not hesitate to call us at 866-236-5031.

2006 Chevy Corvette C6 Automatic Donor

Watch this blog entry to follow a start to finish build on this 2006 Chevy Corvette C6 automatic donor car. When we are finished with this Vette, it will be a fully functional, run and drive go kart which will be the perfect chassis for all sorts of custom builds.

This particular car features an LS2 engine with automatic transmission, black leather interior, complete brake system, fuel system, suspensions and much more. When we build one of our donor cars or “go-karts” we strip away all of the clutter, leaving only the essentials for your build.

Here are some pictures showing what the car looked liked when we received it here in our facility.

We started this build, like we do with nearly all of our Vette donors, by racking it on a lift to see what, if any suspension components need replaced. We spin wheels, check control arms, etc to verify that every part that will be going back on the vehicle is true and straight. If any part needs replaced, we obtain it from our back stock inventory of Corvette parts.

Once we have an inventory on what needs replaced or repaired, we start by removing the body panels. Here are some photos of the Corvette after the first stages of tear-down.

At this point, we inspect the engine and driveline to verify that everything is in good working order. We will also begin to inspect the interior components, power functions.

Please stay tuned to this blog to see the second part of this build, and the conclusion in which wee will offer the completed donor Vette for sale.

If you have any questions on this vehicle, or any of the vehicles we have, please give us a call at 866-236-5031 to discuss.

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