Seat Modification for Large and Tall Drivers

July 21, 2022


We have modified many seat tracks and floor pans to accommodate large and tall drivers. The modifications required depend on the driver’s needs as well as the vehicle in question. Sometimes a simple seat track swap will do the trick, other jobs call for more in-depth fabrication and design. No matter what the job, the crew at Cleveland Power and Performance is ready to get you comfortable behind the wheel. Take a look at some of our past work. 


The driver of this 2005 Dodge Viper just needed a little extra headroom while driving. A simple seat track swap did the trick.


The Driver of this Mustang GT needed quite a bit of headroom to safely drive the vehicle to its potential. We modified both the floor pan and seat track safely to gain ample room.


This 19854 Blazer was brought to us by a customer who wanted some updated comfort in his classic truck. We installed these late model Chevy pickup seats while retaining the functionality of the passenger side tilt feature.

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