Hellcat Swap Options Compared – Turnkey Pallet vs. Hellcrate

Dodge has stirred up up the hotrod world yet again with their all in one 707hp crate engine dubbed the “Hellcrate”. As many of you know, especially if you are reading this, we here at Cleveland Power and Performance were proud to be the world’s first supplier of a standalone Hellcat package and remain proud to be the number one source for a turnkey Hellcat package that RUNS!


With the announcement of the Hellcrate, we felt compelled to compare costs on the Dodge supplied engine against what we offer. This is par for the course in our industry and we research each and every crate engine released that is in the same market as what we offer. Below you will see the difference between the Hellcrate and the turkey Hellcats pallets that we supply.



The Hellcrate.

  • 6.2L Supercharged Crate HEMI – $19,530 (list price)
  • Controller Pack – (Gas Pedal, Ground Jumper, Engine Harness, 02 Sensors, Chassis Harness, PCM, Power Distribution Center, Air Temp Sensor, Fuel Pump Control Module)  – $2,195
  • Accessory drive kit Includes alternator, power steering pump, pulleys and hardware – $675.00
  • AC Kit New A/C Compressor, Wiring Pigtail, Belt and Hardware – $375.00


And for the trans….

It appears that for the time being the Hellcat package offered directly from Dodge will only “plug and play” with a Tremec Magnum which will run $5,250.


That totals up to $28,000 & she is still not running. What else will you need?




Our Turnkey pallets are sourced from wrecked Hellcats all over the country. Each and every Hellcat we get in (like every other make and model we get in) is thoroughly inspected and thoroughly run-tested. Performing these tests and verifying that the engine, transmission, and all other included components are in 100% working order allow us to warranty them.


So what is the benefit of purchasing our package? The number one reason is…. It runs! Our turnkey packages run right on the pallet you receive them on. That is a huge benefit to any resto-modder who is dropping big bucks on any engine package. Hearing the engine run before beginning mod to their vehicle or mockup is invaluable.


The other benefits to purchasing our package, those are more tangible. Those are all the additional parts that we include over a Hellcrate package. Some of the components of major value that we include are the ignition system, cooling system, and fuel system.


We sell all Hellcat packages with both the red and black fobs as well as the push button start.


All of our Hellcat pallets are sold with the intercooler/trans cooler, intercooler pump, remote oil cooler and radiator


Each one of our Hellcat packages are sold with the OEM fuel tank and fuel pumps, giving our customers the parts they need to insure they have the correct fuel pressure reaching the engine.


There are many extra “goodies” included with our turnkey pallets as well that nearly all of our customers integrate into their build. These goodies include the touchscreen radio system with controls, steering column with steering wheel, speedometer, air cleaner with air flow meter and more.

List price on the parts mentioned above is well over $10,000


As of right now the Hellcrate is only offered to work with a Magnum manual transmission. This leaves all the customers looking for an automatic transmission (and there are lots of them) left to find and fit a four speed auto behind the engine. The allure in swapping an automatic Hellcat package is the extremely fast shifting automatic 8 speed transmission.





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