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Cleveland Pick A Part Becomes Cleveland Power and Performance

Cleveland Pick A Part to Cleveland Power & Performance: The New Era Begins

Welcome to Cleveland Power & Performance! We would like to formally introduce you to our new website and our new company name. For almost 30 years, Cleveland Pick A Part has been a growing force in auto parts and high-performance vehicle rebuilds. Now, as we move into 2015 and beyond, we are introducing a new name, new focus and a new level of advanced capabilities.

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We have been upgrading the foundation of our business structure to better serve our customers and more nimbly adapt to the fast-changing world of high-end, performance vehicles. We felt the best way to move forward was to concentrate specifically on two distinct areas: 1. high-performance vehicle parts, and 2. performance vehicle rebuilds, including rebuildables, restomod projects and custom builds. We have invested substantial resources into becoming North America’s premier provider in these areas, and we invite you to check out some of our current offerings on our Parts for Sale and Cars for Sale pages, or read more about our specialized offerings.

Longtime customers who have visited our shop over the years have seen how our company has grown. Since our humble beginnings in 1986, when we worked out of a trailer with an outhouse next to it, we have grown into a complete office building and sales area, more than 140,000 square feet of warehouse space, a service and dismantling area with 12 in-ground lifts, a dedicated onsite shipping area, and more than 29 acres of prime Ohio real estate for outdoor vehicle storage. We have posted some pictures on the new website that show the transition.Cleveland Salvage Auto Parts Sales Office

The original Cleveland Pick A Part started as a scrap yard in 1986. Over the years, we relied heavily on our insurance work, dealing directly with body shops and other local salvage yards. As the business grew and our capabilities grew more robust, we evolved into a specialist in late-model, high-performance vehicles. In fact, about a year ago, we made a decision to discontinue our parts supply of daily driving cars and concentrate more acutely on those high-performance cars and trucks, with a particular focus on high-performance drivelines. As we’ve made these changes, the Cleveland Pick A Part name that served us so well for so many years has become less representative of our current scope of work. And so Cleveland Power & Performance was born!

Going forward, Cleveland Power & Performance will continue to invest in our late-model parts supply, but we will also be shifting the attention from the “old school boneyard” to the sophisticated resto-mod capabilities of our own, on-premises, custom-build shop. We already supply drivelines and other parts to custom-build shops around the country and the world. Now we will be offering more of those custom-build services right here, with premium parts that are sourced, refurbished, tested and installed by our own highly trained professionals.

Perhaps most important through all of these exciting changes are the things that will remain constant at our business. Our family-owned-and-operated business has been under the same ownership and management since 1986, and that will continue. We are also maintaining all of the current employees, the same approach to excellent customer service, and the same emphasis on quality that has helped us grow into one of the largest late-model, high-performance vehicle parts providers in North America.

After the new year we will be going over changes on the website, and highlighting some of the new features that we’ve put in place to make our customers’ lives easier. We appreciate your feedback on the new site as well. Please, feel free to send us a message or call us (866-236-5031) to tell us what you think.

From the owners of Cleveland Power & Performance, welcome to the new era!

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