2008 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Manual Trans Conversion


2008 Chrysler 300C SRT8 Manual Trans Conversion


Cleveland Power and Performance is back at it! We will be converting this clean title 2008 300C SRT8 to a 6 speed manual! This 6 speed 4 door LX will be one of a kind with some added goodies! Stay tuned to watch this build come together from start to finish. When shes done, she will be offered for sale! Scroll down to see the build progress in chronological order. 





The manual conversion is underway! We started by gutting the interiors of both the 300C and the Challenger, as well as dropping the engines and transmissions out of both vehicles. We then carefully removed the console brackets and tunnels from both vehicles as the actual tunnel from the Challenger will be transplanted into the 300.  This is necessary to insure proper fitment of the trans, console, and other related parts. Stay tuned to see the new drive-line all cleaned up and the manual tunnel fit into the 300! 



The conversion moves along with more tunnel trimming, test fitting, welding and painting. We also dropped the entire rear suspension from the Challenger to transplant into the 300C, giving the vehicles the correct gear set for the transmission.



Work on the manual conversion continues with finishing up the tunnel and doing some paint work. We scuffed and gloss painted the rails and firewall. We also repaired a few small dents in the trunk pan area and finished the repairs with paint. The 3.92 ratio rear suspension was kit with KW suspension and it bolted in the car. 




With the underhood compartment painted and looking nice and glossy, we were able to move on to the fun part, wiring! Both the Challenger and 300 have to be stripped of wiring. You can see the dash harness being swapped here. We started work on the 6.1L that will be going in the 300c by taking off the intake to paint and taking the trans off for clutch install. 


Today, we put the VES console in the 300c and tested it’s connections. The VES console allows whoever is sitting in the backseat the luxury of watching DVD’s from the flip up screen. We also began the process of finding a new home for the “Chrysler” emblem on the decklid. 

As you can see, we smoothed the area underneath where the emblem sat, and prepped it for paint. Also, you can see the clutch pedal set up and custom under dash wiring. 

Today we pieced the front suspension together, including the new, aftermarket long tubed header pipes, KW coil overs and control arms. We then put the motor back on the cradle to complete the suspension and place it back into the car. 

Here you can see the gas, clutch and brake pedal placement, as long as the manual shifter base placement before the carpet, and console cover them. The rear seats, front seats, complete dash assembly and headliner also were placed in.  

This update shows a day full of paint booth fun! Valve covers and door trim all received fresh coats of paint. The calipers begun being stripped down for paint. Also, the 6.1L HEMI intake manifold gets a bit of a different look, with a metallic black look!

With so many items being customized, this update shows the 6 piston front Brembo big brakes, from a Hellcat, being prepped for paint! The last half of pictures shows the color we chose, which is a very popular Mopar color, Striker Green!

As everyone may know, painting is quite time consuming and is a process. Here is another paint update, this time with the complete car! You will see we had to strip the car down, remove the fenders, rocker panels, front bumper reinforcement and header panel. More paint pictures to come as she goes along!

Here shows the green fender and hood accent stripes added to the paint. Also, the grille and and front bumper cover begin to get painted!

Now for some final touches. The grille gets painted and the car has some finishing touches put on her before shes ready for sale!


Take a look at this one of a kind 300C all cleaned up and ready to hit the streets. 


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