2006 Dodge Magnum SRT-8 6.4L HEMI & Manual Transmission Build


SOLD – Dodge Magnum SRT-8 6.4L HEMI &Manual Trans – SOLD


Cleveland Power & Performance is proud to present this 2006 Dodge Magnum SRT-8 6 speed manual transmission and 6.4L HEMI build! As many of you may know, the Dodge Magnums were only made from 2005-2008 and like the 300s and the Chargers, did not come with a factory manual transmission option. Not is this Magnum SRT-8 equipped the 6 speed TR6060 manual transmission, but it  has also been upgraded to the 6.4L HEMI engine. Scroll down to see full build pics!




The SRT-8 Magnums are pretty rare vehicles, with only 2,970 produced in 2006, 921 in 2007 and only 239 in 2008. The donor vehicle used for this Magnum will be a 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 with 31,000 miles on her.  


Below are pictures of the Magnum body that we will be using for this build. This vehicle will look vastly different after all of the upgrades she will be getting. 


Here are pictures of the Challenger SRT donor car we are using for this build. It is a 2012 Challenger with 31k miles. We will be taking the driveline and rear suspension out of this Challenger and using it for the Magnum. Other items from this vehicle will also be used as needed.



Below you will see the Magnum SRT-8 being stripped down and apart. We will be getting ready to fab the manual trans tunnel into this, as well as replace the 6.1 auto wiring with the 6.4 manual wiring needed.



We had a Challenger shell in our yard that had a good manual transmission tunnel available. So we cut the full tunnel and some extra to fab into the Magnum shell. This will be the tunnel used in the Magnum to house the TR6060 transmission.


The automatic transmission tunnel cut out of the SRT-8 Magnum. You can see a side by side difference with the shift plates from both manual and automatic tunnels. You will also see the two items being custom fitted together to properly fit back into the Magnum and accommodate the manual transmission.



Some more fab work being done to the tunnel. You can see the shifter base being tested in the tunnel to make sure everything lines up properly.


Here you see the Challenger donor car on the lift, as we drop out the driveline and rear suspension for our Magnum. The suspension has a 3.92 Getrag differential.



The 6.4L HEMI driveline from our Challenger donor car along with suspensions being dropped under the Magnum for fitment reasons. 



Both front and rear suspensions dropped from the Challenger donor car and will grace the Magnum. She will also get a nice set of BC coilovers to make the ride extra special.



After the engine/trans were fit in the Magnum, it was time to take her all apart to freshen up the paint. We also prepped and set of Hellcat wheel and smoked the taillights.


With the body out of the booth, it was time to get the 392 HEMI back where it belongs. This time she was fit with a Procharger Super Charger! We also painted the Hellcat Brembo calipers a custom orange mix. 



The fun continues with wiring in the cabin of the Magnum. Lots of time and effort go into making a body harness to support the functions of the parts involved in the build.


With the blower being from a second Gen SRT, some custom cooling and induction components had to be fabricated to work with the Magnum header panel. We also got the suspensions in and the brakes on. With the majority of the wiring in the cabin buttoned up, it is time to get the 08 Magnum interior in and with the underhood finished, it was time to get the 08 front end on the car.


With the majority of the wiring in the cabin buttoned up, it is time to get the 08 Magnum interior in and with the under-hood finished, it is time to get the 08 front end on the car. 



Before we could get the front end all back together and buttoned up, we had to make some adjustments to the Prochargers plumbing. This kit was for a 6.4L, which of course did not come in the Magnum. Once the Procharger kit was complete and the suspension was dialed in, it was time to take the Magnum to get fine tuned and aligned. The wheel power and torque were just shy of 530. This is on low boost and a safe tune. There is certainly room for more power! 



Once we got the tune and suspension dialed in, all that was left was to get the front end on the car and get some test miles under her belt. What a blast to drive!



After enjoying some test miles, this black beauty was all cleaned up and taken out for a photo-shoot!

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