71 Chevelle Concours Station Wagon 307ci 3 speed auto trans


1971 Chevelle Concours Station Wagon 307ci auto trans  

71 Chevelle Concours Station Wagon 307ci 4 speed auto trans 42k


ToThis is a very desirable Chevelle Concours Wagon! This wagon has that awesome 70’s race car look and room for all of your friends to take a ride with you. Under the hood is the 307ci/2 barrel engine mated to an auto trans.

The underside and frame of this car is in relatively good shape for its age. There is rust on the underside, as shown in the pictures below. The body has dings, dents, and scratches as expected with a nearly 50 year old car. It appears to have had previous repair work done, however we are not aware of the repair history. The scoop on the hood has been grafted on. There is a baseball sized rust hole in the drivers side floor pan.


This Concours is equipped with a 307ci 2 barrel engine and auto trans. The interior is in decent shape but does show some wear. The front seat shows wear under the seat cover. There are also some misc. interior parts missing as shown in the photos, and the rear (gate) window does not roll down. As you can see by the protecto plate, this is an original “Cotton Wood Green” vehicle built in the Kansas City plant.


This vehicle is being sold with a clean Ohio title. The title states true mileage unknown, or it will show “exempt” in other states. The VIN from the vehicle is 136461K232331



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