02 Z06 Mallett Hammer 383 Stroker Rebuildable 47k

02 mallett hammer z06

Up for auction today is a rebuildable “Mallett Hammer” 2002 Chevy Z06 Corvette. This beautiful Z06 runs and lot drives! This is a one of a kind car and Mallett Hammer edition Corvettes are very rarely offered for sale and each one is registered and documented in the National Corvette Museum. The Mallett production number on this car is 02-006 and the build date is 08/02. This Mallett built Z06 has 47k miles on it.

This Corvette features a 5.7L engine that has been bored and stroked to a 383, T-56 6 speed manual trans, 18″ and 19″ HRE Performance Wheels, black leather seats with custom Mallett Hammer embroidery, BOSE sound system, and much more!

The Vin to this Corvette is 1G1YY12S525128748

Under the hood, this Z06 boasts a powerful 383CI stoker with forged internals, Crane Cam, Mahle pistons, ported and polished heads, ARP head and balancer bolts, and more.

This Corvette puts the power to the wheels through the stout T-56 manual transmission with cooler and 3.42 ratio differential.

Other features of this Corvette include OEM Z06 calipers over Baer cross drilled rotors, Bilstein shocks, Simpson 5 point racing harnesses, mintubs to fit the 13” rear wheels, long tube headers with aftermarket stainless steel mufflers, custom Z06 Mallet guage cluster, remote oil cooler, heads up display, and more.

This Corvette was involved in a light front end collision. We removed the original front bumper bar, and replaced it with an unhit one from a donor Corvette. The driver side rear inner plastic is cracked (last picture in auction). This Z06 Mallet has Z06 leaf springs and Bilstein shocks. Original Mallet cars came with Penske shocks which were removed by the previous owner prior to us receiving the car.

Please look at all of the pictures of this Corvette before bidding or buying. The airbags deployed in the collision, but have since been replaced with a set we had in stock.

The seats and interior components show minor signs of wear consistent with the age and mileage of the vehicle. All four wheel are straight and in good shape. All of the wheels are wrapped in Nitto NT05 tires with a good amount of tread left.

The Corvette will be sold with an OHIO SALVAGE TITLE. Please check into your local state laws on getting this inspected in your state.

The Corvette will be sold with an OHIO SALVAGE TITLE. Please check into your local state laws on getting this inspected in your state.

Please contact us if you would like to stop and see this stunner in person. The Corvette can be seen at:




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